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In which I discuss death and dying, a topic I happen to know a lot about.

9/17/11: the art of “doing grief”

In a comment to a recent post, Linda asks: I wonder if we grieve our own impending death.  I love this question. And my answer is something I feel far more certain of than the question of what happens after … Continue reading

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9/06/11: every death, a death

My friend’s mother died this morning. Although she was elderly, her sudden decline and death was a shock to the family. My friend is distraught, her grief is raw and palpable over the phone. I remind myself that we only … Continue reading

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7/12/11: 18 years later

For Jon Marshall Greenberg God is gracious February 22, 1956 – July 12, 1993 Journal entry, June 2, 1992 This is a holy war. A war in which the physically ill must fight, tooth and nail for control of their … Continue reading

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7/05/11: Think about it

So if I (you are encouraged to substitute ‘you’ for ‘I’ here) died today, unexpectedly of course, what would happen with the detritus of a life? Someone or some ones would have to retrieve, think about, go through, and make … Continue reading

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6/26/11: more ado about journals

I received an email the other day from a student of my friend Jon Greenberg. It was completely out of the blue, Jon died of complications of AIDS in 1993, it will be 18 years next month. He was an … Continue reading

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6/16/11: Why I’m not a survivor

It’s a small bracelet, possibly you can’t even read the DNR inscription on it. I’m wearing it these days. I’ve written the following excerpt into my living will. I like being very explicit. And now you know. Excerpt: My purpose is … Continue reading

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6/11/11: Prologue

On a bright and chilly October day, with orange and yellow leaves floating down to rest on suburban lawns, Jocelyn did not return home from school.  Martha called the school to learn that she had boarded the 4:30 school bus, … Continue reading

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