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In which some or all of what is written will certainly not be true.

8/06/11: excerpt

Portia sits at a small desk under an open window and looks at clouds, cumulus pillows that flash by too quickly to personify.  She sips coffee, black. She is thinking about writing, but she is not writing. There will come … Continue reading

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6/28/11: have I said this already?

for Ferdnando Pessoa  There is always another way, which is why my mind is exploding and I cannot begin to separate my own thoughts, yet feel entirely separate. And more, not sure, no, not sure at all if I have … Continue reading

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6/21/11: Anhedonia, a novel

                           Anhedonia, a Novel  -1- The Definition From Wikipedia: Anhedonia (from the Greek αν- an- [without] + ηδονή, hēdonē, [pleasure]) is an inability to experience pleasure from normally pleasurable life events such … Continue reading

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6/11/11: Prologue

On a bright and chilly October day, with orange and yellow leaves floating down to rest on suburban lawns, Jocelyn did not return home from school.  Martha called the school to learn that she had boarded the 4:30 school bus, … Continue reading

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