About Risa

Risa Denenberg is an itinerant aging hippie currently living in  Washington DC, Takoma Park MD, Miami FL, Tallahassee FL, New York City, Philadelphia PA, Kunkletown PA, Seattle WA, Tacoma WA, Sequim WA.  She earns her keep as a freelance medical writer and nurse practitioner and has worked over a few decades in women’s health, HIV/AIDS, and end-of-life care. When she has a job, that is. At the moment, she is working in pain management and glancing at the clock, hoping the retirement bell rings before she dies.

Risa is a poet. She is drawn (compelled, perhaps) to exploring themes of suffering and death and their intersections with religion, medicine, science, and the arts, particularly through reading and writing poetry. As a lifelong introvert, Risa loves her solitude and enjoys reading, writing, drawing and any sort of meaningful communication (although not so much the other kinds).

But truthfully, she hates talking on the phone, although she indulges a handful of very special people (exactly 3), and would almost always prefer to write than to speak. She will always respond to your emails. Speaking sometimes gets her into trouble.


4 Responses to About Risa

  1. Linda Spalding says:

    How can I delete a comment made on a post?

  2. I think I could delete it for you. But why? I’ve enjoyed all your comments here.

  3. gaye g.p says:

    I found you! And I didn’t even know I was looking for you. I check into http://www.qarrtsiluni.com frequently these days because I am in their ongoing Fragments issue. I’m not on the site yet, but there you are, shining magically. So: Hello! Consider yourself bookmarked (& I’m choosy).

  4. Mark says:

    we don’t talk much on the phone so, I listen to you.

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