July 27th: 30/30 Project

Late July, circa 1959 / by Risa Denenberg

Baseball cards cluck in the spokes of bikes,
Bikes do figure eights in and out of the gas station,
Tires shriek as feet touch cement,
Bare soles squish on hot tarry streets,
Fingers grab a nickel from the coin return cup,
Mouths glug Nehi Orange,
Breath whistles across the empty bottle,
Ball bounces to the rhythm of the swift slaps of a game of jacks,
We rhyme verse to the whacks of the jump ropes,
Feet thwack the dirt to Olly olly oxen free,
Crickets jeer, cats whine,
Sun sets with a splash,
We’re called to bed, curtains thwap, sheets damp and sticky.

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