July 26th and a message



That’s the message. Thank you so much to my glorious friends who have sponsored me on this marathon. And as for the rest of you, it’s not too late to donate. 



press the green button!

Just mention my name somewhere on the form, donate $18 or more, and you will receive my gratitude, and a copy of my new book: Mean Distance from the Sun. 

And now, the poem: 

Magpie / by Risa Denenberg

Once a hoard of curiosity, now heaps and piles. Once,
I knew what to save, now it’s every scrap and button.

I save dreams no one hopes to inherit—
I have breast cancer, I’m buried in rubble, I’m drowning. 

and senseless questions: if I were caged in a cell
without a sink, would I drink toilet water?

I should sort this damn nostalgia into mounds,
scorch the surplus in an enormous bonfire. Instead,

I pace all day searching for a once-orderly mind.
I cannot raze meager leftovers from those who’ve passed

or package debris for those ahead. Still, at times
I stumble on sudden beauty, a fragment, sparse gold.


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One Response to July 26th and a message

  1. Mark says:

    good, pounds of flesh.

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