July 21st: 30/30 Project

Quantums / by Risa Denenberg

If you wish to locate a lost object, there are four
dimensions to consider. Just as how much
is different than what is, nothing and emptiness

occupy distant positions on a spectrum. The way
most of the body is water, yet manages not to seem
so. For seekers, doubt is a given.

I fill uncharted space with baskets of laundry
and potfuls of rice. We can’t reassemble molecules
of the dead, or bring chrysanthemums

to cemeteries of the cremated. The day my son
was born and my grandmother died still bewilders me,
iced like a cake with the meaning of time.

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One Response to July 21st: 30/30 Project

  1. Mark says:

    it’s beautiful no matter what.

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