July 20th: 30/30 Project

Gibbous / by Risa Denenberg

a waxing gibbous sets in the west on tisha b’Av
these are days of awe, we fast and mourn, fast and atone

I break my fast with broth
I sip tea and wait for the waitress to serve the bland soup

the curve of a coke bottle sitting on a nearby table arouses pleasure
cane sugar, honey, cocaine, crack, sea-green glass

a brown sweetness, a time for everything, even heroin
I cannot eat the soup for the slipperiness of hope

risk skims the edge as a needle slides smoothly into a vein
the sun is my North, my son is the South

I am the eye, the pistil, the sadness that upends
these store-bought flowers in their paper wrap make me sad

my son is the South, let the poles shift
and water circle the drain counterclockwise

a waning gibbous rises in the east
here is my list of sins


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One Response to July 20th: 30/30 Project

  1. Mark says:

    It’s okay, no worries here.

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