July 15 and 16: 30/30 Project

I got a bit behind in posting here. Here are my poems for today and yesterday. Not too late to donate!

In which the poet considers the possibility of love too late / by Risa Denenberg

I’ve learned to unsort any us
there ever was. I’m certain I don’t want to sleep
enjambed in your limbs and exhalations. I also
don’t want to make joint decisions about dinner,
handle a new set of in-laws, or dote on your ducky

But I wouldn’t mind early morning
conversation, coffee brought to me in bed, covers
askew, an offhand book review. Someone who gamely
tolerates a diet of oddments and remainders; offers
daily orison without mawkishness. Someone who would
read poems to me at dawn.

I wonder if there is anything
captivating left for me. It’s not sex I want,
it’s communion as I transition from dreams to the ordinariness
of another day, strong in my conviction that I choose solitude,
but still might abide intimacy, and then of course,
you should wash the cups and leave.

Risa 15

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6 Responses to July 15 and 16: 30/30 Project

  1. mr says:

    You know I’d be washing the dishes, happily, because your cookin is so good and full of love, like your writing. Oh, made a donation today at Tupelo Press in your honor!

  2. Linda Spalding says:

    This “possibility of love too late” is very much on my mind these days. I thrilled to read these poems. Your voice speaking to me is my voice. Thank you for your gift.

  3. Doll says:

    I’ll bring the ice cream.

  4. If ice cream, it must be coffee. In which case, wash the bowls.

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