The next big thing

I was tagged by the delightful Molly Spencer to participate in a blog-sharing round, where us poets/writers tell y’all what we’re working on at the moment. In turn, I’m supposed to tag other poets, who in turn will … well, you get the idea. It is an opportunity to wander through the aisles of some pretty darn good blogs, for example: The word cage (Mary Biddenger).  Or Put words together. Make meaning (Donna Vorreyer). Or Wait! I have a blog! (Kathleen Kirk).   I suppose I could go on and on, so many fabulous writers with fabulous blogs doing fabulous next things.

But I do happen to have some news, so the timing is good, although I have to admit that there were 10 questions to answer that I am going to ignore here. And just blurt —

One: My chapbook, what we owe each other, is basically almost nearly just-days-away from being available! You can order it from the publisher at The Lives You Touch Publications, or (very soon) on Amazon. This book is a tribute to and remembrance of my friend Jon Greenberg, who died of complications of AIDS in 1993. Jon taught me so many things, among which is to accept death and honor it, rather than ignore death and live in denial. This is my first published collection of poems. (so I’m a little excited about it)

Two: The next, next big thing is Headmistress Press! This brand-new small press will publish chapbooks of lesbian poetry and is the brainchild of Mary Meriam, who invited me and Jessica Mason McFadden to join her in this endeavor. Stay tuned for surprises and delights. And like us on Facebook. (please)

And I will tag:

The fabulous Sherry O’Keefe at too much august not enough snow.
The spectacular Mary Meriam at the Lavender Review blog.
The  incomparable Dana Guthrie Martin at this life, designed.





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One Response to The next big thing

  1. Linda Spalding says:

    Terrific news Risa. Reading others perspective (especially poetry) on accepting and honoring death is a valuable gift. I’m excited to buy my copy.

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