My Schema

I dislike propaganda, popular culture, careless
communication, and television. I enjoy listening
to the radio. I am a committed introvert.

I hate telephones, where, as technology advances,
connections increasingly fail; where I have to respond
without using fingers.

I *like* Facebook, where communication is slant
both private and public, sending ripples round my world.

I hate Christmas parties, where food, drink, and people
you barely know exude false cheer and banal chatter.

I love my own definition of ‘meaningful communication’
and anyone who will indulge me in hours upon hours of it.
While wolfing pizza, gulping lattes, or quaffing beer.

When requested, I freely contribute endless sessions
of advice, leaving myself
entirely out of the equation.  

Mostly, I prefer to converse with poems.


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3 Responses to My Schema

  1. I was just thinking about radio the other day and wondering if anyone actually listens to it, anymore. I don’t watch TV, either, never owned one, technically still don’t, the TVs are my husband’s. Hate parties, love coffee shops and wine bars where I can eavesdrop without demands on me. Pretty bad for someone who makes her living as a psychologist, to be so asocial, huh?

    • It makes perfect sense Laurie. I’m a nurse practitioner. I give pretty much everything I have in terms of compassionate listening to my patients. I’m sure you do the same, and then you have the demands (and joys, I conceed) of a family. Maybe because we are in helping professions, the rest of the world also seems to want to bring it’s suffering to our doors. Which is why the door needs to be shut often enough to begin to make sense of why we’re here.

    • Mark says:

      you must do what what’s best for you at crucial times. Being private and secretive can save lives.

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