Rain Shadow

It’s raining again. Rain in the forecast for the days and weeks ahead. There was a nice long spell of sun, but it’s ended. Although I’ve been told that the area I am living in now is in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains, I’m beginning to doubt the authenticity of that claim. I mean, aren’t all climate claims in question now? Also,  when I went over to Seattle twice in September, the temperature was about 5 degrees C warmer than in Sequim. Living near Canada, I’m learning to think in Celsius. Which is to say that I’m not listening to NPR at all these days, and more and more often to the CBC.  Although silence is working well for me lately.

I’ve been warned to expect snow storms here; they are rare in Seattle. But of course the real demon is going back into the dark. These extremes of light and dark are somewhat unsettling. Dark rainy weather is fine when I’m indoors, but I hate to drive in it. I’ll certainly walk less often. My new home is not well insulated, so it will be a chilly darkness. It’s already dark when I drive to and from work. We’ve a few more weeks until the time shifts back, but by then, I’ll be starting to see patients in morning darkness. And they will be more depressed than usual.

I’m not sure why Sequim is such a retirement Mecca, other than a reasonable cost of living. Oh and of course, the views. How could I forget the mountains-and-water-everywhere views? I could talk myself into leaving or staying here, after I stop working. I’ll have to live through a few more stunning summers and dark winters before I get a feel for the place. Yet, even in stormy weather, the skies are an amazing palette of greys, and a full moon rises faithfully over Discovery Bay whatever the season.


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