The writing. And the writing. And writing. Again.

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve thought that I don’t have the time, I’m doing long hours of  clinical work again and I’ve been using every other moment I can squeeze from my life to work in/with poetry: reading, writing, revising, moderating, reviewing, sending poems out, eating rejection slips (which, arriving generally via email, seems somewhat of a doubly dubious metaphor), etc.  I’m just back from attending a Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference where I brought a new manuscript to share; I feel today that it was received with care and (gulp, I don’t really know how to use this word) love.

I met another poet at the workshop that mentioned that she had read my blog (ah, forgotten blog!), and today I noticed that this blog has 37 subscribers–which to me feels like a lot (and makes me want to offer a heartfelt thank you).  I don’t feel as if writing here is essential in any particular way to me or to readers, but I do think it is useful to my writing life in the same way (perhaps) that walking more would be useful to the life of my body.

One of my biggest obstacles to regular blogging is how much time it takes me to write even a few paragraphs. I tend to explore/surf while writing; I look up words whose meanings have become obscure to me, which spins off into other searching; I suffer angst about grammar and syntax; I spell check; but mostly I query myself incessently: is this writing any good? Not does it do good, but is it good writing? And I never know the answer. I’ve heard (although I know it to be untrue) that poets aren’t good at writing prose. But without  decades of writing prose (fiction and non-fiction; personal and technical writing) I don’t think I could be writing poetry now.

One feeds the other. And there is the grace of it.


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2 Responses to The writing. And the writing. And writing. Again.

  1. Good to see you here, again, Risa! So, you eat rejections slips. I was wondering what to do with mine. Of course, recycling, good source of fiber, what could be better? I have learned similar lessons re:blogging, too. It is MEANT to help me in the habit of writing, the habit of getting the ideas to (oh the dreaded word) flow, to save, potentially for possible poems, but I, too, find myself wondering the same things. *sigh* Where is the OFF button for the internal editor?

  2. Linda Spalding says:

    I am thrilled to see and read you after many a day. Within the past week I was thinking about you, ( synchronicity ?) so Imagine my delight with your visit today. I like your writing, it often resonates with me, other times stimulates ” thoughts that do often lie to deep for tears.” Happy to say more cheers than tears. Sometimes what you have written has been an” essential’ in my day. Thanks Risa for putting yourself out there on the page so to speak. I appreciate your gift. Keep on writing.

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