01/09/12: about my work

I’m reading through my own poems this morning,
trying to put together a manuscript, and I’m having
the ominous feeling that they are
just terrible.
I hope to recover from this shortly.

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4 Responses to 01/09/12: about my work

  1. Keep moving forward, trust yourself, Risa. Your voice in person and poetry always comforts me because you tell the truth.

  2. Cheering you on toward a speedy recovery, as they say!

  3. Anne Webster says:

    What poet doesn’t feel that way sometimes? Then there are the days when to your delight the same work seems wonderful. Take heart!

  4. izzielives says:

    Your writing, your poetry–terrible is not a word to which I would assign to your work. Retrospective and introspective, evocative of many emotions. Your stuff is worthy of publication and will continue to be, I am sure.

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