10/13/11: movement afoot?

I’m surprised at how out of touch I feel with the Occupy Wall Street Movement which is gaining momentum across the US and beyond. I don’t pay much attention to mainstream media, but it’s also strange how little attention this is getting in the alternative press. It is quite a big deal with potentially far-reaching implications for all of us.

It’s wonderful to see young people (and not so young) taking to the streets and offering up their daily lives in nonviolent protest against corporate greed, with an underlying message of a need to re-evaluate unrestrained capitalism and its devastating effect on a democratic system. The message here seems to be that we have reached a desperate point where, as a society, we can’t afford a college education, we can’t expect to  have decent jobs and wages, and we are being priced out of having access to health care and decent housing.  Although I haven’t heard the word, it strikes me as a demand for the type of socialism that has developed in other democratic nations, such as Canada and in Europe.

There are cadres of old-timers like me for whom this raises a scant bit of hope for future generations. I am there in spirit.

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One Response to 10/13/11: movement afoot?

  1. I feel the hope, too, more than the despair, which is odd, as it will surely go badly for me, personally, in the near future. Oh, yes, my hope is for the far future! I had quite a talk a couple days ago with a mailman I know. He predicts something like The Road (which he hasn’t read or seen, but he’s read other stuff) re: provisions, guns, and ammo that people are already stockpiling, etc. He reads A LOT–both liberal and conservative journalism. I think we will come out of this OK. Not just OK, but better. And I have great confidence in the young people of today.

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