8/07/11: re: infamy

What else is there to say? There is so much to endure if one is to try to feel that living is justified, so much to forget/remember/forget. If we go on at all after all of the atrocities, we must travel broken and with missing parts. What other choice? My mother was born on 12/07/18 and my parents were married on 8/07/38 (although I’m not actually sure of the year), before Pearl Harbor was bombed and before Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated by atomic weapons.

Do US citizens remember or understand what the US government did in retaliation? Let’s say: destroyed two cities.  (not to mention interment of US Japanese citizens) (oh, please, don’t get me started) Perhaps one should forget and perhaps one could had all of the nuclear weapons been beat into plowshares. Instead, these days, we hear the term weapons of mass destruction and terrorism bandied about as if we didn’t know what these terms actually mean, how the concepts were conceptualized and actualized.

I make no plea for peace, as I see no evidence that humans want peace or the costs of peace. We are still at war with ourselves. 

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2 Responses to 8/07/11: re: infamy

  1. redmitten says:

    along the same lines: i’ve been camping and fishing this summer in two locations. one is on the crow nation reservation. the second? it used to be on the reservation although it is something like 150 miles from the first. the second is no longer a part of the crow nation land because why? because we changed our minds (the second spot is so gorgeous and so rich in minerals and metals). first the crow tribe was “given” 35 million acres. then we reduced it to 8 million. and how nice that we ‘gave’ them the land and then made it illegal for them to leave it. and now we are unearthing the site of their first headquarters (now no longer on the reservation). seems we built a highway over the remains decades and decades ago. now we are treating the site with respect and honor, as if we always had.

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