8/04/11: Jose Saramago

Saramago eats white space. Is he trying to save the rain forests of Portugal? But so rich, and the way his sentences run on, with asides to his readers, then apologies or explanations that what was just said is certainly a digression, and so moving on he slips into, without really providing any warning, dialogue, which remains un-punctuated so that you have to go back and go back to try to figure out who is saying what, which by the way is not so different, to me at least, as when I am reading a more conventional writer with crisp dialogue in quotation marks and white space between comments, which is not how people talk at all, and I often end up thinking, who is really saying this and go back and go back, because reading itself makes you go backwards as often as it makes you go forwards.

Do I love his work? Yes.

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