8/01/11: facebook vs google plus?

I didn’t get an initial invite to Google Plus, so I called on someone I know who works for Google to send me an invite. Of course, I wanted in. As uninterested as I am in popular culture, I have found that the personal value of social networking is as good as you make it. I have had such a powerfully positive experience networking with poets on Facebook, and have seen a gratifying uptick in clicks to my posts and poems.

People can complain all they want (like they do and did about the NYC subway, which second to Paris, is the best in the world—why do you think so many adults in NYC have never applied for a drivers’ licenses, and oh yes, they do take cabs, but, I’m just sayin’—hmm that was quite an aside, but I do hate it when people complain about things that they benefit from tremendously …) but, no one forces anyone to post stupid-idiotic-updates-about-nothing. Just like there is no regulation that requires the use of emoticons (wtf?) or ridiculous grammar and misspellings.

But the question is, why switch to google plus? Or is the idea to keep up with both? Do they really use different methodologies and platforms? Do I really have time for this? Will it subtract from my own writing? (Or, perhaps could I just play fewer hands of Spider Solitaire?) I had a page on My Space, which I mostly abandoned when I signed up for Facebook (in 2007 I think). I actually loved My Space, it seemed more creative, the pages are artistic, and it has been quite a successful platform for musicians, but the damn pages just took too long to load, and it never really (as far as I could tell) attracted poets the way it did musicians. It’s also true that I have (as have many others) changed my own blogging platform at fairly regular intervals. Is there a parallel here?

In part, it seems to do with our (my) need to remake ourselves and our images from time to time, in order to stay engaged. Or some such reason. Or I don’t know, have no idea, and am just (gulp) going along with the crowd. At least it’s a crowd I am pleased to go along with. So far.

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4 Responses to 8/01/11: facebook vs google plus?

  1. Robin says:

    What? You know multiple people who work for Google? And you didn’t ask me? Should I be hurt?

    Try it. Right now it’s quite different from Facebook in feel, but who knows, it could be that everyone will use social networks in exactly the same way and the users will make them more alike over time (or, I suppose, the opposite could happen).

    • Surely you tease. I know only you at Google, but I am learning to be cautious in naming names. I am reading/posting on both for the time being, with the advantage of getting a bit more traffic on my blogs. It took a bit to get the hang of G+, but I do love Google platforms/logic, this no exception. But eventually, I’ll probably have to choose one over the other, to me they serve the same purpose, and are likely serving the same groupings of “my friends”.

  2. Robin says:

    Does that mean that *I* invited you to Google+ and I don’t remember doing it? Ahh, aging, it’s the pits.

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