6/29/11: a month of posts

I’ve managed to complete one month of posting to this blog everyday. I haven’t done my morning yoga routine every day this past month (although I’ve done it more often than usual), nor have I taken a walk every day (although, again, more than usual). So it feels like an important accomplishment, one that I hope I can maintain.

Of course, I worry that it will be much more difficult when I return to a paying job (which probably will be in another month, if all goes well), but whatever time I devote to the habit now, in my unstructured days, will help ensure that I at least try to persevere when there are more demands. In this month, I have learned that I hope to continue to write prose and poetry. It is interesting to me that I have less trepidation in writing a daily poem than a daily blog. I’m not sure what that means to me as a writer. Perhaps it only means (and has proven true) that more people will read narrative or opinion writing, than will read poetry. The poetry is therefore more anonymous and feels more private to me.

The reason to post everyday is the same as the reason to write every day. Writing is a practice, practice improves writing. The commitment to a blog serves two important purposes for me: (1) having a mechanism to measure whether I’ve kept my promise to write everyday; and (2) having a sense of community with other writers.

To the writing community out there, I salute you and thank you! You give me my most treasured sense of belonging.


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3 Responses to 6/29/11: a month of posts

  1. Congrats on your daily practice!

  2. Thank you for modeling the process and being such a fabulous cheerleader!

  3. Linda Spalding says:

    Keep on writing. You have a lot to say and I find it helpful and enjoyable. Thank you.

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