6/18/11: today is a good day

In preparation for the inevitable:

  1. Get all of your kissing done early.
  2. Make lemon squares (or your version of such) at least once.
  3. Tuck and roll while you can still tuck and roll.
  4. Never say, drop dead, instead, practice saying, I will die someday.
  5. Learn to flex with the situation.
  6. Create new narratives about yourself as often as possible.
  7. Forgive everyone and everything.
  8. Burn your journals and square your affairs before you die.
  9. Just once, give in to the lowest common denominator in your heart.
  10. Memory is a loss you cannot mourn. Have no regrets.
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2 Responses to 6/18/11: today is a good day

  1. nanbush says:

    This made me smile, it sounds so like a description of a close friend who died last week after surviving AML, allogenic bone marrow transplant, and chronic graft-versus-host disease for almost nine years. One catastrophic event after another, including a stroke, two heart attacks, a dreadful fall necessitating the amputation of all her toes ( she said, “Thank goodness for heels!”), she kept bouncing back to a joyful, engaged living. To keep up her spirits during chemo, she undertook a Masters of Divinity degree. She taught, organized, inspired. She flexed, she forgave, she created living (and loving) narratives. And she did make the best lemon squares!

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