6/14/11: Of writers I have come to love

Of writers I have come to love, adore really, and of that contingent, those not US-born and so therefore possessing cultural secrets for me to unfold with delight, in addition to their ability to write long, glorious sentences, using devotedly precise, yet tenderly or dreadfully(as the case may call for) lovely words and presenting ideas and content that is soaked in such charming language, (some of which I cannot read in its native language, but as a stupidly English-speaking only American, have to wait for a good soul to translate for me to have access to the words, words that mean everything), of all of these, perhaps the writer whose writing I love the most is Jamaica Kincaid, particularly in her long winding sentences that startle while they soothe and in the way she repeats herself, over and over reminding the reader of who she is, wanting, in the way of authentic souls, to be seen for herself and not seen through the eyes of another, and also there is the way she (the author) clarifies relationships with the clarity of ghee, bringing the truth right to the surface, so that the reader sees clear through the words to the bottom of a deep sea of longing and complicated grief.

And so, to Jamaica Kincaid, I say, thank you. And will leave you with a small sample of her startling ability to pierce through murky depths, to bemoan how deeply we are unknown to one another, just having read her memoir, My Brother,

She understood him better when he was the person people said something about, not when he was the person who said something about himself.

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One Response to 6/14/11: Of writers I have come to love

  1. Doll Mathis says:

    And your one-sentence first paragraph is an homage to her……………….

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