6/12/11: When you are told you’re not a team player

If they tell you you’re not a team player:

  1. Ask them what team they’re on.
  2. Inform them life is not a sports event.
  3. Share a list of all of the groups that you care intensely about.
  4. Remind them: War is not the answer.
  5. Reproach them: Diversity is an essential good.
  6.  Inquire where it is written that you must transform your deep-rooted values for a job.
  7. Enlighten them regarding the meaning of personal integrity.
  8. Advise them of your human rights.
  9. Alert them to their own failings in this matter.
  10. Give notice that you will respect their values, if they can learn to respect yours.
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5 Responses to 6/12/11: When you are told you’re not a team player

  1. Linda Spalding says:

    Sometimes I freeze at this type of accusation which is rampant in our culture. Reading this was an “of course” moment embedded in my knowing but now raised up by your putting it into words. This is a file to save for repeated reading that it will rollover to other such types of frozen moments. Thank you very much.

  2. Yes!! Also, just applied for a fulltime job that required me to state my philosophy in two areas. If they interview me, they know what they are getting. That is, they are well warned.

  3. seana says:

    Although team comes up as a concept in our meetings sometimes, and I always do at least an inner eye roll, I haven’t ever actually been accused of not being a team player. However I once jokingly said that I was a ‘people person’, and some of my coworkers looked a bit askance at me, as if to say, “You do know you’re not, don’t you?”

  4. Dana says:

    I love that this is both a recipe and weather report.

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