6/03/11: Category is …

Does anyone remember playing clapping games, or am I aging myself again? On long lazy summer days, we played outside until it got dark, big neighborhood games like kickball or tag, but more often girl-games—hopscotch, jacks, ten-up, double-dutch, hula-hoop, and clapping games.  My favorite clapping game was “Category Is”, which you play as a group in a circle.

The rhythm goes:  clap clap snap snap (with words being said only during claps) So:
Category is snap snap
Names of snap snap
Col-ors snap snap (some one choses the category, then it goes around the circle)
Yel-low snap snap
Pur-ple snap snap   etc.

If you repeat a color (or whatever the category is) or mess up the rhythm, you’re out. And you play to win, of course.

So where is this going? I am still working on the format for daily blogging, and I realize that WordPress allows me to categorize posts using tags, which I’ve never taken advantage of before. I like the idea of having categories (topics) for daily posts. I don’t think I will set categories by days though. I can just choose randomly day by day.

So (Drumroll….) here are my “Categories”:

  1. Poetry Spotlight—in which I link to a poem I like and tell you what I like about it.
  2. Weather Report—in which I tell you what I think is going on. Dylan says, You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.
  3. An Accumulation of Losses (aka, Anhedonia)in which I’ll post a new poem for my series of the same title(s).
  4. Book Report—in which I tell you what I’m reading and what I think about what I’m reading.
  5. Graveyard Shift—in which I discuss death and dying, a topic I happen to know a lot about.
  6. Recipes—in which I’ll pair a recipe with a favorite quote or aphorism and let you decide what it means.
  7. Fables and Fairytales—in which some or all of what is written will certainly not be true.

I may come up with more categories, who knows? Or you can make suggestions. I’m always open to suggestions. Oh, and if you post anything that you tag with one of these categories, as a bonus, I will link to it.

Whew! Glad that’s done!

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2 Responses to 6/03/11: Category is …

  1. This sounds fabulous! This is what I do “eight days a week” (to answer your earlier question). I have 8 categories of existence, corresponding to 8 made-up days! And nonlinear, illogical time. My time.

    I look forward to all your categories!

  2. love the clap clap, a version of which our families
    played during the holidays & called musical chairs.
    we all had a number & were to say our number first
    & then the person we were calling on clap clap 2…4
    clap clap 4 6. if the number failed to respond,
    it moved to the end.

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