5/31/11: what I dream

I dream mainly in words these days. I frequently dream that I am writing a letter or answering an email that I have received during my waking day. Some days, when I receive an email, I wait until the next day to answer it, so that I can dream my answer.

In my dreams, I have perfect delicate handwriting, although in reality, a lack of handwriting practice has degraded my script significantly.

I also have dreams in which I speak my rebuttal to someone who has hurt or offended me.

Sometimes, I dream a snatch of a poem and sometimes, if I’m lucky, when I wake, I remember a tiny phrase, a poem-starter.

For many years, I have also had a recurring dream of standing on a high rocky cliff, watching a tsunami approaching.

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3 Responses to 5/31/11: what I dream

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  2. I dream words, typing, writing, too. Rarely, a phrase to keep! I’ve dreamed a tsunami in the past, not knowing what it was then. I’ve dreamed a plume, an explosion more recently.

  3. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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