Question for 5/29/11: Could I blog every day?

The bloggers that I most appreciate often have more than one blog, typically in order to have more than one theme or project going at the same time. The extra-special ones, in my estimation, are those who blog every day, who find something to say everyday that challenges or questions or reviews or reflects on things that have meaning to them, and by extension, to me.

I particularly love Dave Bonta’s blog, Morning Porch,where he describes “the view from my front porch first thing in the morning, in 140 or fewer characters”. Even more amazing is the daily poem in response to Dave’s reverie by Luisa Igloria,  which is published on another of Dave’s blogs, Via Negativa.  Kathleen Kirk actually blogs 8 days a week (how does she do it?) at Wait I have a blog! Some bloggers have theme days, such as Kelli Russell Agodon’s Confession Tuesdays. I count on daily poetry sites such as Whale Sound and Poem-a-Day, to arrive in my email cache every day to keep me centered and sane. Whale Sound is a particularly amazing site, with Nic Sebastian’s alluring daily poetry readings.

Daily creative blogging is a discipline no doubt, and I wonder if I’m capable of it. For 30 days in April, I, along with others around the globe, wrote a poem-a-day, made less difficult by the camaraderie, no doubt. More than anything else, I’d like to continue to write a poem everyday, but I’d settle for simply writing every day. The caveat is that blogs are shared with whoever wishes to stop by and read. That sets the bar higher than scribbling in my journal.

I don’t want to use Risa’s Pieces for daily blogging, because I’ve been using it (in itinerant locations) for occasional blogging for almost 4 years. It’s focus has always been grounded in the work I’ve done in end-of-life care, and it has grown over the years to encompass connections with art, poetry, medicine, and (admittedly) depression. I want to keep that space for the occasional blogs that are similarly inspired.

So I’ve started another blog–and I’m calling it a piece a day. I’m gracing the space with the periodic table, thinking that it will remind me that I just need to advance one element at a time. I’ll just have to see if I can do it.

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One Response to Question for 5/29/11: Could I blog every day?

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    I’m honored to have been an inspiration. Best of luck! If you happen to miss a day here and there, don’t let it stop you.

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